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The Primer: an all things shooting blog

Don't sell me no cheap steel

From the desk of  S. Rohm “The Steel Magnate”                            Unless you’ve worked in the metals industry or had some work or hobby that involved using certain grades of metals, it’s fair to say you wouldn’t have worried yourself about the detailed ins-and-outs of steel. We think it’s a fair assumption that most shooters haven’t needed to learn a lot about steel grades in their daily activities. With that in mind, we’ve put together a brief post to give you some essential-for-steel-shooter’s knowledge of the steel world. Why is it essential to you?  Because shooting at the wrong steel...

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The Home Defense Dilemma

Have you ever heard someone discuss what the best firearm is for home defense?  I’ll bet you have, and I’ll bet the folks discussing it had some damn good reasons for liking their firearm of choice. Today, we’re going to throw a perspective on this conversation that’s important no matter WHICH firearm you choose

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Beyond Targets

From the desk of Jerry Bolster Southwest Asia   What’s beyond your target? I have a close friend who’s been a detective for a number of years. Like most Law Enforcement professionals, there's several cases he’s worked over his career that are always close to his thoughts.  For him, one of these cases occurred early in his career, when he was still cutting his teeth. He wasn’t quite the steely eyed, gritty detective that he is now – he still had high hopes for humanity and a beaming enthusiasm.  On this particular case, he was called out to investigate a...

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2 Iron Laws of Gun Handling

From the desk of Jerry Bolster Southwest Asia   This isn’t a list or a step by step guide to gun safety – the NRA and other groups have exhaustive lists. Instead, think of this as camp fire discussion over two mistakes that new shooters - and sometimes experienced shooters - make when handling their firearms. To start - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a friend or family member who wants to show off their new gun. This is how it usually happens: First, they get real excited over their new purchase... They tell me all...

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Range Safety: 6 golden rules many shooters ignore

From the desk of Jerry Bolster Southwest Asia We’ve heard more than one person  tell us they don’t use steel targets because they ‘ricochet.’ Though there’s always risk involved in any type of shooting, steel targets are safe when used properly. They’re used every week by thousands of shooters in Steel Challenge, Cowboy Action, USPSA and IDPA shoots. They’re also used by every military branch and on hundreds of civilian law enforcement ranges. If you consider how many steel targets are shot at each week - it's a huge number. Tens of thousands are shooting at steel targets for training. ...

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